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This feature is built into both our Sheriff SQL packages. Please note that this feature is optional with Sheriff SQL Desktop. It presents to your debtors the functionality to access their account and see their cases, statement etc.

There are three components:
A customizable secure and responsive website.
A browser based application called Data Service.
Functionality to control debtors access to their accounts.

Presents following functions:
Click the links below to see more detail on each function.
  1. Debtor Management
  2. Page Content Editor
  3. Define a background picture for the site
  4. Define the home page main picture
website manager

We promised we'd take you into the future.
The future is here!

The Website
website pic We create and configure your website. The website is absolutely required because it hosts the browser based Data Service app used by your debtors. However, a website also needs a public interface that:
  • Looks and feels polished so as to enhance the professional image of a sheriff.
  • Is secure, so it must have an SSL certificate. The public don't trust http sites anymore.
  • Is responsive. Many visitors will be using mobile devices.
  • Is informative and, above all, is actually useful.
  • Last but not least - must be user customisable.
We issue you with a default site that conforms to the above requirements. You can either leave it as is or use the built in functions to customise it as you see fit.
To see an example of this website, click here.
Data Service
Data Service logo This is the app your debtors use to access their accout. It resides on your website. The debtors don't have to install anything because it runs in their preferred browser. What a debtor can see and access depends on the permission status you set for that account. Data Service is cross platform compatible so any browser can use it. Debtors access the app using a hyperlink embedded in a mail notification received from you. The hyperlink is unique and secure for each debtor and allows Data Service to identify them. They then login to their account using a password that they created. Data Service allows the debtor to:
  • Query Their Cases
    Of course, they can only see their own cases. That is cast in stone. They can find cases using one of six options and a parameter.
  • See Case Detail
    When case detail is shown they can see most of everything that will be important to them. The good stuff is arranged into four tabs:
    • Detail. As the name implies, this tab holds important detail regarding the case.
    • Costs. If the case has costs those costs are displayed in detail.
    • Content. If the case is a return then this tab contains the return content. This is the one they will want to see most of all. It is thus possible for a debtor to see the result of a served case just seconds after it was created. Not even email is that fast!
    • Related. Lists cases with the same case number as the one being displayed. They can "drill down" on the other cases. This open's a new tab showing that's case's detail.
  • See their Provisional Statement.
Run the Data Service app and see for yourself...
Let's show you exactly what Data Service looks and feels like to a debtor. Let's assume you a lawyer firm called PRO SYSTEMS INC, and are a debtor of a fictitious sheriff called Sheriff Fisher Haven. The sheriff has just created a new return for your office and sends you an email notification. An example appears below. In the example is a hyperlink that will direct the user to the correct website and contains data to identify the account of PRO SYSTEMS INC. We invite you to click the hyperlink. When you do:
  • You will be directed to the correct website
  • You'll need to login - the required password is 12345678
  • Don't forget to tick the Terms and Conditions box
  • Explore the Data Service app at your leisure.
Dear Sir/Madam
A new return has just been created for this case. You will receive my return shortly, but in the meantime you are welcome to use my browser based Data Service website application to see it now. I present this free service to you to enable you to speed up your interaction with your clients. Apart from seeing this new return, Data Service presents to you functionality to query any of your cases anytime you wish. You can also see the status of your account in real time. I urge you to use Data Service as I believe it will assist you regarding other queries as well.

You'll notice that the link given below uses the https protocol, which means it's secure, verified, and trusted. You can therefore use it with complete confidence.
To see your return now, click the link below:

Yours sincerely
Below are some screenshots of Data Service running in a browser.

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